Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Week: Day 4

Today for y'all I have some homemade corn bread made by yours truly! I have to say I bake pretty often, if I could I would bake every single day, unfortunately there isn't always someone willing to eat everything I make. It falls under the category of "too much of a good thing". Who can have too much bread? I sure can't, but I can't eat a whole batch by myself either. Growing up I mostly ate my grandmother's Mexican food, (beans and rice on a daily basis) with enchiladas and chile rellenos at least once a week. I also ate a lot of Mac n Cheese, random eh? I especially liked when the noodles were shaped like cartoon characters (more on that tomorrow). These days I eat more simple food like salads, nuts, fruit, veggies, lots of cheese (and lots of Italian food), and of course no meat. I have been a proud vegetarian since 2008. It was a very "duh" decision, I never loved meat and sometimes would avoid it because I didn't like the texture. 2008 was also the year I became a tea fanatic, I drink several mugs a day and I am always on the look out for a new brand or flavor. Right now I am drinking Yogi Egyptian Licorice. So yummy *grins*. Cold weather is also the only time I drink hot chocolate, it just doesn't go well with warm California days so... gotta enjoy it while it suits. I think I can go on and on about food, so I'll force myself to stop now and announce today's (delicious) giveaway:

  • Paula Deen's the Deen Family Cookbook (Int'l)

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See you tomorrow for Day 5 (it'll be the funnest one yet)!


  1. It's so hard to just pick 1 favorite! I guess right now I am really on a hot dog kick. Haha, but not the ones from the store...from a restaurant. With ketchup and onion on a steamed bun! Mmm! :)

  2. My favorite food is lasagna! I can never get enough of it...especially when it's homemade :)

  3. oh man I'm the pickiest eaters ever! I like very few things. My fav food right now is corn ravioli <3

  4. I would have to say egg mcmuffins. My boyfriend learned how to make them and they are so yummy. I even had one for dinner tonight!

  5. I love so many foods. But I have to say right now I'm on a meatball Parm sandwich kick. :)
    Carol L

  6. my favorite food is pasta! any kind. i just love it!

  7. I recently fell in love the Lobster ravioli. die for.

  8. My favorite is meatloaf with mashed potatoes.


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