Hola! In case you were wondering my name is pronounced on-uh-eez or if you would like to say it in Spanish it's an-eye-eez. Not sure if that's how you "spell" it but I tried :D I have always had this great adoration for reading, for as long as I can remember I've been flipping through books late into the night or waking up early to finish up a book. I started my personal blog The Anaiz View in May and blogging became my new love. I decided to combine both loves and create this book blog! I normally post 3-4 book reviews a week.

 I am a WGU college student. I am *working* on a book, but I don't plan on finishing it anytime soon :D I am almost always listening to music and based on what I am doing it can range from the Solo Piano station on Pandora to Jason Mraz. Please don't hesitate to ask anything or shoot an email (anaizreads at yahoo dot com or nizmart at gmail dot com), I love hearing from you!