Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Week: Day 3

I started blogging this past May with a personal blog. I would blog about everyday life and whatnot, I found The Maddy Chronicles around that time and thought Maddy took awesome pictures. I wanted to be just like her so I picked up my sister's digital camera and started snapping pictures. The rest was history, I haven't put my camera down and as I mentioned yesterday I love taking pictures of nature. Whether it be my favorite hiking trail, a lake, or a park I always find a million things to capture. I also love taking pictures of my nieces and nephew, cute kids are the hardest and most enjoyable subjects. I don't call myself a good photographer just yet, but I am having a lot of fun learning and experimenting. My next major purchase I am saving up for is a camera, I'm currently in the "research" phase, wish me luck (picky shoppers where you at?!) In honor of Day 3 I have the following giveaway:

  • Camera charm key chain w/ "Capture Life" hand stamped pendant (Int'l)
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Extra Entries:

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Good luck and see you tomorrow for Day 4!


  1. I actually just recently bought a new (expensive) camera, so I plan to take up photography. It hasn't been really nice out yet to venture outside, but very soon!

  2. Awww!! I'm so glad I "found" you too and that I picked up photography through blogging! It's amazing that it's only been a little over a year since I got my camera! It seems like I've had it forever! I hope you continue to take pics and that you soon buy your first "fancy schmazy" camera ;o) If you need any advice, you know where to fine me! Love ya!

  3. My mom does photography so I have picked up some coaching from her through out the years and I love it! We actually went around town today taking shots!

    But, a "hobby" i've picked up from blogs is MAKEUP! I know that sounds crazy but there are so many beauty gurus out there and they have introduced me to my love of makeup so I buy makeup almost as much as I buy books and I LOVE experimenting with new looks =]


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