Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Week: Day 5

Seems to me like there is a lot of "90s pride" going around. Allow me to indulge myself and join in all the fun. As a 90s child I can see saw where all the hype is coming from, I LOVED my childhood and all the memories it contains. The cartoons were great and the technology was (at the time) incredible. Nowadays I see kids who are not satisfied with the phone they have, the mp3 player, the computer, etc. Perhaps kids from the 90s felt more satisfaction with the things they had and enjoyed more simple things like a yo-yo or sock-em-boppers (I totally wanted some!). And how about the movies?! I grew up watching Disney princesses and yes I saw Clueless several times (Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?) For some reason I never saw Dumbo.. it looked too sad. My all time favorite Disney movie is Beauty and The Beast, the story was beautiful and Belle is a great heroine. Going back to the topic of cartoons, shall I list them all? No that would take forever, I watched Hey Arnold and Rugrats mostly, but I also watched Sailor Moon with my older siblings quite often. My older brother made me watch the Ninja Turtles too, not a big a fan but it made me crave pizza like no one's business. In honor of 90s day I have the following giveaway:

  • Beauty and The Beast DVD (US Only)
  • Clueless DVD (Special Whatever! Edition) (Int'l)
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There you have it folks! All giveaways end tomorrow, March 2nd at midnight PST. I will announce winners on March 3rd! Good luck and thanks for celebrating Birthday Week with me!


  1. Definitely love the music of the 90s!


  2. I tell people all the time that the cartoons from the 90s are WAY BETTER than the ones playing today. Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Doug, Ahh! Real Monsters, Sailor Moon... loved them all and i'm sad they hardly play them, if at all. Those cartoons are the best thing about the 90s.

  3. I'm a child of the 90's, so music, TV, shows, movies...I'm all about it :) I loved Clueless and I know every song on Beauty and the Beast by heart! I was happy to see the musical on Broadway before it shut down. But I think my favorite Disney movie was the Lion King at the time!

  4. People actually going out and having to talk to one another! That was the best part about the 90s! Plus, I was a kid so I had no responsibilities. :)

  5. Actually the 90's were a hard time. I lost many family members unexpectedly in the 90's. But I did enjoy the music in the mid 90's and the fact that my youngest daughter went into remission from Bone Cancer and remains so today. :) That by far is the best of the 90's.
    Carol L


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