Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lust by Charlotte Featherstone

From Goodreads: Of old, humans and Faeries have dwelt side by side in parallel realms. Only the canniest mortals recognize the alluring creatures that often walk--and lie--among them. 

The righteous Fae of the Seelie Court cherish an ancient quarrel with their Dark counterparts: a curse born of anger and deceit. The Unseelie Court will perish unless one of is princes can win a woman's love--honestly, without coercion... and love her wholly in return. 

To halt the slow demise of his people, Prince Thane--the embodiment of Lust--infiltrates the Georgian court to seduce his mortal inverse. Noblewoman Chastity Lennox is purity incarnate--a sensual prize well worth winning. But Thane's carnal quest proves more challenging than he ever dreamed. 

No other has ever been able--or willing--to resist his erotic charms. Chastity's resolve is maddening... and intriguing. It makes him want her all the more. But how best to seduce one who truly seems above temptation? Discover her greatest weakness and become the intoxicating essence of her deepest, most forbidden desires... 

Wow I loved this book! The Unseelie court in this novel reminded me of the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa, but with a lot of romance, oh it was a wonderful combination. Prince Thane is a hunk who really does try to woo Chastity in an honest (as his nature will allow) way possible, which really is hard for him since he is a dark fey who happens to be cursed with the sin of lust, double whammy there I have give him credit for controlling himself. Chastity is so, well, chaste that she doesn't even get the flutter in the stomach when a good looking guy tries to talk to her, that's how "virtuous" she is.  When I first started reading this book I was excited about the story and couldn't wait to see how it ends. It didn't disappoint! If you like Fae and Romance this book is for you, this is the first in the The Sins and Virtues series. I have a feeling I am going to LOVE them all. In this book we are introduced to some of the other virtues and sins, and I can only imagine how the sins are going to seduce their opposing virtue (my personal favorite is the Greed/Temperance match-up) so will the Unseelie court be able to break the curse? Or will the Seelie court stop that from happening...

I give this book 4 owls!

This book will be released February 1st.

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  1. I love books about faeries, and there are so many good ones lately, I will have to check this out.

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