Saturday, June 4, 2011

I {heart} YA Giveaway Hop Announcement

I love participating in Giveaway Hops, you get to meet lots of new bloggers and hello, prizes anyone?! I find however that some Hops are a bit on the large side and the blogs and websites participating are from every genre under the sun. 

I only blog about YA so I thought I'd host a Giveaway Hop specifically for this genre, that way participants know what kind of prizes are in store for them and feel confident visiting each blog/website knowing it will be something they're interested in. I will also be capping off participation at 100 blogs/websites.
  • The Giveaway Hop will run from July 24th to the 30th
  • YA Blogs Only! If you blog about YA along with other genres you may sign up.
  • Going with the YA theme, all prizes must be YA (unless it's a giftcard or a choose-your-own-book giveaway) 
  • Don't make it a mission to enter your giveaway, keep it simple and easy. Bonus entries are okay (again keep it simple, a million bonus entries are not okay).
  • Sign-Ups are open until July 10th
  • Grab a button, Any button. They're on my Giveaway Hop Page
So many colors... which one will you choose?

To sign up fill out the form below: 
I will be adding blogs to the linky every hour this weekend in the order I receive them. Use the last question on the form for any questions or comments and you want an email response!
*UPDATE* The Linky website is acting oddly so I'll be adding names as soon as it starts working!*

    Still have questions? Email me at:


    1. I'd like to be counted in on this, but I do have a question that sort of needs to be answered. I asked it in the form above. :)

      Suz @ A Soul Unsung

    2. Great idea I'm not signing up right now I'm kinda hop pooped out. But I will get back in on the action. Not going to stop me from entering of course lol

    3. cant wait for the blog giveaway hop :) i just love YA =) thanks again

    4. Am I missing the linky list somewhere or has it not been posted?

    5. What happened to the giveaway hop??

    6. Hi there:) I've been wondering the same thing- what happened to the giveaway hop? I know that The Wannabe Knight went ahead and had a 2-book giveaway for the hop, but there's no linky list or anything to indicate how the hop is to proceed. If anyone finds out what happened, please do inform me:)



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