Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Tell Me... #4

Ok everybody I have some news. Not-fun news first: I am no longer co-hosting the Descent of the Angels Reading Challenge. Momo @ Books Over Boys will now be taking over and I am sure she is going to do a splendid job! Fun news: I have been doing a lot of writing and I feel as if I am on to something good... 

I am huge believer of finding inspiration from everything around you: people, places, sounds, smells, you name it. Of course I would like to include something inspired by you. I had some trouble picking which way to go about doing this, I mean there are just so many ways! So I just picked the idea that would be the most influential and funnest. I always write with music playing in the background and depending on the music it can really set the mood and even influence what my characters are like. 

A little background on the book:
  • It's YA 
  • It has very complicated & very sad romance aspects to it
  • There are skateboarder/surfer characters in it 
  • There are also "gentlemen" characters in it, they would probably listen to classical

I listen to most genres and most time eras, I want you have fun with it!

So tell me...
What song should I include on my writing playlist?


  1. Hi Niz! John Legend! (:

  2. I'm on an Adele kick. Actually, I can't stop playing "Someone Like You". It would make for a great story. Like, what happened to the couple that was so in love, but yet ended up going separate ways. I don't know...just a thought :) Also and Florence and the Machine. Her lyrics are amazing! Aside from Someone like you, I've been playing "Heavy in Your Arms" nonstop!


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