Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of Witches and Warlocks Blog Tour

Book Excerpt: Chapter 3, Vance & Portia
No, there it was again. There was definitely something tapping on the window. I got out of bed and stood there for a minute. I took a deep breath, sucking in some bravery I hoped, and pulled the curtain back quickly. I saw nothing but the hedge.
I sighed, rolling my eyes at my self-induced paranoia, and quietly eased the window sill up, thinking that perhaps a branch or something from the bush may be hitting the pane. I stuck my head out to look for the offender.
A large hand clamped over my mouth. I opened it to scream, but the voice that cut through the still night stopped me.
“Don’t be scared. It’s just me,” Vance whispered quietly into the air, and he removed his hand.
Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I asked more than a bit irritated, my breath coming in quick little gasps. I placed a hand over my heart, which was pounding out of my chest, in a futile attempt to calm it.
“Not really.” He laughed quietly, his gaze skimming over my scantily clad form in the moonlight. “Though I could see how you might have come to that conclusion.”
“What’re you doing here, Vance?” I asked, impatiently, even though my skin still thrummed where his hands had touched me.
“I came to see if you’d like to go for a ride with me,” he replied as if that were obvious.
I looked him over, considering the new information I’d learned about him, but only pondering his request for about half a second.
If there was one thing I was absolutely certain of tonight, it was that I wanted to spend more time with Vance. I was completely intrigued by him.
“Yes, I would. But I need to get some pants on real quick,” I said, glancing down at my attire and biting at my lip.
“I can see how that might be beneficial,” he said with another sultry look at me, followed up with an appreciative smile. “I’ll wait here,” he replied, turning to lean up against the wall and folding his arms over his chest.
Hurrying over to where I left my clothes lying carelessly on the floor earlier, I pulled my jeans on over the boxers, buttoning them while slipping my feet back into my shoes.
I wondered if this incessant pounding in my heart would ever go away, but I didn’t delude myself that it was due to the shock I’d just had. He was the one causing this reaction in me, and I smiled and headed back to the window.
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Good luck to all participants, if you would like to see my review of The Trouble With Spells you can read it here. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am really enjoying the tour, and thanks for every who is participating and making it so much fun, not to mention the great books involved in this!!


  2. I love this part! Wish I had a Vance of my own to come over my window and grab me like that. :P

    I'm having a lot of fun with this tour, too. ;)

    kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

  3. I am now finding it increasingly difficult to find words to describe how much I love this book!

    And I can't believe I have to wait so for the 4th book in the series..folks, you REALLY need to read the next two books!

    Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm

  4. I know I would love to have Vance come kidnap me for evening as well! I'm glad you are enjoying the tour so far.
    So here are the results of yesterday's quiz. These ladies get to add five entries to their Kindle drawing for getting all the answers right!
    And the winner from the drawing for a free ebook copy of Blood of the White Witch was NAOMI! Thanks so much for playing! :D

  5. Another great excerpt. I seem to have just missed out on the giveaway. Next time...congrats to naomi :)

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  6. Ahhh Vance... come tapping on my window next time *swoon*

  7. Oooo yay =) Wohoo..can't wait for this Kindle Giveaway..I need me one of those!!

    Naomi xoxo

  8. The treasure hunt sounds like so much fun!! What a fabulous idea!

  9. Congrats Naomi!

    Another fun excerpt. If I heard a tapping on my window late at night, I'd probably be too scared to check. At least Portia wasn't!

  10. Ha, ha! I'm with you Val! I'd either be calling 911 or IXII! LOL I'd definitely be approaching with a weapon of some sort! Beat 'em to death with my feather pillow or something!

  11. Thanks Val =)

    LOL..I prob be too scared to open the window too..but if I had the nerve I would prob open window and get a heavy object to swing at them LOL..if it was Vance then I could always kiss him better ;-) hehe

    Naomi xoxo

  12. Oh no! Lacey's pillow of doom! LOL.

    You have a point there, Naomi. That's what he gets for sneaking up on people like that.

  13. @Naomi @ValH. He's a warlock! He can take it, right? If it's him then he should be on his guard with a little deflection spell. If it's not him, then your safer with one bashed headed would-be assailant on the way to the ER in the back of an ambulance! haha

  14. But just think - if you wound Vance.. you get to "nurse" him back to health. A small cut on the head? He's going to need to take that shirt off and you'll need to make sure that after the pillow hitting his head.. that it didn't hurt his chest.. abs... biceps.. um... LOL A thorough examination for medical reasons is necessary. He's so important, you'd hate to think he wasn't well *giggles* Haha that's a whole different story right there!

  15. @Belinda You are hilarious! I love it! And I completely agree...it's always better to be safe than sorry. One head to toe examination coming right up...now where did I put those trauma shears? Time to cut off some clothes! LOL

  16. I love to read all of your comments! They bring so much more to the book itself.
    natatheangel at yahoo dot com

  17. I love how Portia asks him if he is trying to give her a heart attack. x

  18. Great excerpt, as always :)



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