Saturday, April 2, 2011

Descent of The Angels Reading Challenge: April

*Update: I am no longer co-hosting this RC if you have any questions please refer them to Momo @ BOOKS OVER BOYS*

3 Months down, 9 More to go! Hope everyone is enjoying the Reading Challenge, I sure am. Shout-out to all new participants! 

The winner of the March Giveaway is:


I haven't really been spending much time with this Reading Challenge, but I am hoping to change that starting this month. So I gave myself two ongoing projects regarding this challenge:
  1. Keep an updated and accurate list of participants, for that I need your help! Check out the list here (it's all the way at the end) and email me at if you're not on it or it's inaccurate.
  2. I will be commenting on each and every review that is linked up to this Reading Challenge.
There you have it folks, I'm going to strive to be a better hostess. 

I'll have the link to April's Linky Post on the Angel Challenge Page as soon as I get it :)

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