Friday, February 11, 2011

Guest Post: Jennifer DeLucy with Special Guests

Jen: Gentlemen, for the blog post today, Anaiz from Lady and the Books asked that I interview you both together. So, let me introduce you first and we'll go from there. Readers, today I’ve brought Christian Wright and Paul DePrimo of The Light Series.  Christian and Paul are both Combatants. Hello, guys!

Christian: Blogosphere, we meet again.
Paul: Ladies. A pleasure.

Jen: Guys, I have some questions for you.  Are you ready?

Paul: I was born ready.

Jen: Right. So, I wondered if you two would explain to the readers
exactly what the heck a Combatant is?

Christian: Shall I?

Paul: Go for it.

Christian. Yes, well, Combatants have the ability to physically hold
and harm or kill things... especially vampires... without touching

Paul: Yeah, we can kind of direct our energy through our arms and
hands and grab up the bad guys and kick their asses from a distance.
Safer that way.

Jen: Thanks! So, this next one will be for you, Paul.  Who is the best
looking man you've ever laid eyes on?

Paul: What do you mean "man"?  Don't you mean "woman"?

Jen: Nope. You heard me right.

Paul: Then my answer is me, of course. I own a mirror. And you don't
come across pecs like these every day.  Seriously. Do you know how
many reps it takes to build up your chest muscles like this? Here,
I'll show you the curvature of my--

Jen: CHRISTIAN. Question for you.  Tell me about your mother, Clara.
Sum her up for me in ten words or less.

Christian: Ten words or less? Does it have to be a complete sentence?
Wait... does my babbling count?

Jen: Let's say it doesn't. Begin again, but this time speak wisely.

Christian: Right. My mother is a gift to everyone she meets.

Jen: Aw. That was sweet,

Paul: Yeah, man.  That was some sappy stuff, there.  The chicks dig
that... plus the accent.

Jen: Paul, it sounds like you have a crush on Christian...

Paul: Pft. He wishes. I'm eyeing up the ladies on this blog, though.
How YOU doin'?

Jen: Pardon me, but I warned you not to flirt with the ladies unless
they flirted back.

Paul: Sorry.

Jen: T'sokay.  Let's get serious here for a moment.  Christian can I
ask you a personal question?

Christian: All right.

Jen: If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

Christian: Wow. Well, let me think about this.  Past or present?

Jen: Any of the above.

Christian: Honestly, I think I'll just be contrary and say nothing,
because I know that everything that happens is for a reason. Even the
difficult things are necessary to teach us something valuable about
ourselves.  I think I'd be unwise to change a thing, at least, that's
what Abram would say.

Jen: Got it.  Paul?  Here's one for you.  Who do you consider the
greatest friend you've ever had?

Paul:  Okay.  I'm gonna stick with the theme and say Abram
Saru, my Seer.  I think I'd be so lost if it wasn't for that guy. He
really saved my ass.  He's my hero, man.

Jen: Oh, Paul, are you tearing up?

Paul: What? Are you serious? No way.  Not a chance.

Jen: Mhm.  Okay. So, one last question for you two.  If you weren't
Sentients, what do you think you would be? Christian? You start.

Christian: Well, this will probably sound terribly dull, but, I'd like
to own a sporting goods story, you know? Something outdoorsy.

Jen: I like it!  And Paul?

Paul: Isn't it obvious?


Paul: Hello? Underwear model?

Jen: Of course. How could I have missed it. *sigh* So, thank you for
hopping aboard the blog tour, gents and--

Christian: Waaait a minute, wait a minute, hold on, please.  You've
been interviewing us an awful lot lately, but I notice that we don't
get to ask you any questions.

Paul: Yeah, that’s right. Seems imbalanced to me.

Jen: Does it now?  All right, then. You can both ask me one question. Shoot.

Christian: Perfect.  My question is this: Do you really intend to end
our story with three books?  I feel depressed about that...

Jen: Hm.  I wouldn't put an absolute ending on anything, my friend.
You never know.

Paul: My turn! Okay, who's hotter. Christian or me?

Christian: Yes, I fancy an answer to that one, as well.

Jen: Are you sure?

Christian and Paul: Yes!

Jen: Ok. My answer is William Maddox.

Paul: Heeey….

Jen: That’s all we have time for, everybody. Thanks for stopping by!

Big thanks to Jen for the great interview, and thank you to the guys for their participation *winks at Paul* ahem, so, who would like to win ebooks of Books 1 & 2 of the LIght Series? I knew you would, so here is your chance: Leave a comment on this post and leave your email, that's it! AND because I was so charmed by Christian's accent *beams at him* I will throw in a 2nd set of ebooks, so there will be TWO winners! Giveaway ends February 25th, good luck! :)


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