Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Throwback

I have been reading since I was a young little thing so I have decided to create a day of the week dedicated to books I've read in the past. I encourage you all to participate, leave a comment and let me know if you also posted a Thursday Throwback. 

For my first Throwback I will share with you all my all-time favorite book.

Bat Bones and Spider Stew!

I loved everything about this book as a kid. I loved the illustrations, the story, the characters, and of course the awesome recipe in the back! At some point in my childhood I lost my copy and forgot the name, luckily I came across someone who knew what book I was reminiscing about and helped me out. I immediately went online and found a used copy for less than a dollar, woo hoo! I was so happy when it arrived I did a little dance, no joke. You can now get a copy for a penny, yes you read that correctly, a penny!

Naturally I will give this book 5 owls!

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  1. My favorite book when I was a kid was My Teacher Is An Alien. I will never forget when two kids see their teacher pull off the human mask to reveal an alien face. Classic.


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