Monday, September 13, 2010

Winter Shadows

I am so excited to be posting this review today. I received an early copy of Winter Shadows by Margaret Buffie from the Early Reviewers program from Library Thing. I encourage you to join if you also enjoy reading, what's not to love about receiving a free book from the publisher?! Anyhoo, on to my review!

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Winter Shadows is the story of two young women going through difficult and confusing times in their life. Cass is dealing with a cold new stepmother and bratty stepsister while simultaneously still recovering from the recent loss of her mother. In the 1850s Beatrice is recently returned home from school and is also dealing with a mean new stepmother. The story is of how both these young women help each other get through the changes in their life by way of Beatrice's journal and by doing so help themselves as well. The author does a swell job of transitioning between the two characters and the story is easy to follow with both of them. Although this story is geared more towards grade school age readers, I still enjoyed reading and maybe you will too. Some young girls will surely feel more of a connection to the dilemmas the girls face than I did. As the title suggests this story takes place during the winter season, so I suggest a cup of tea to along with it, it's just too fitting! This book is available for pre-order and will be released on October 12.

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  1. What a cool concept. I've never heard of early reviews!

  2. Great review! I keep on wanting to get a good book and this sounds so interesting! Hope you had a great Monday doll!


  3. I am totally going to join! that is so fun and I would love to be a reviewer!

  4. That would be amazing to find an old diary or notes written by someone in the past. That's truly a treasure. Library Things sounds great. I will definitely join! Thanks Anaiz!


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